About Icarus Group
With roots going back to well before the prelaunch of Star Trek Online, Icarus Group has officially been in the gaming community from its launch in December of 2011.

Made up of gamers from across America and the World, Icarus Group members have been in the gaming community from the early Apple II Text adventures days to the most modern MMORPGs, 4X, Strategy and FPS games on the market today. We have been dedicated to the overall improvement of the gaming community and the games that we play from without and within.

With our eyes ever to the future of games on the PC platform and Console platforms, the members of Icarus Group have been working to see that each and every player has an experience that they will remember and cherish. Expanding the limits of what games can do, the quality expected and depth of the experience is a core goal of what Icarus Group is about.

Our current adventures include Tier V Fleets in Star Trek Online, quickly expanding guilds within Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, recent Beta participation in Elder Scrolls Online, and our most exciting adventure to come, CIG's upcoming Star Citizen.

Today Icarus Group offers a close nit community of gamers from all walks of life and experience levels. We have dedicated ourselves to being there when members need help, have questions that need answers or just want to talk about current events. We have hosted our own private TeamSpeak server for several years and welcome member to join us online for some serious gaming or just shooting the breeze.


The background image for the default skin, as well as the background images on the portal page, were created by Traemore.