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World of Warcraft Mounts from Drops
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A Quick Guide to Warcraft Mount Drops

Starting in Pandaria at the Temple of the two Moons, set your Hearthstone here, take the portal to Shattrath

Reins of the Raven Lord - Sethekk Halls (drops from Anzu)(dungeon)(heroic)(hp-295,200)(solo-able by any 90)

(Raid) Ashes of Al'ar Tempest Keep The Eye (drops from Kael'thas Sunstrider)(raid)(hp-3,186,960)(solo-able by most 90's preferred pet or some kind of healing abilities like a tank)

Now back to Shattrath and take the portal to the Isle of QuelDanas or The Caverns of Time.

Reins of the Bronze Drake - Culling of Strathholme (drops from Infinite Corruptor)(dungeon)(heroic)(hp-417,911)(solo-able by any 90)

Either make your way to Isle of QuelDanas, or Hearth to Two Moons, Shattrath then Isle of QuelDanas

Swift White Hawkstrider - Magisters' Terrace (drops from Kael'thas Sunstrider)(heroic)(hp-442,800)(solo-able by most 90's preferably one that can heal some)

Fly South to Northpass Tower and make your way to the Back door of Stratholme

Rivendare Deathcharger's Reins - Stratholme (drops from Lord Aurius Rivendare)(dungeon)(hp-68,760)(solo-able by any 90)

Either Hearthstone back to Two Moons and port to Orgrimmar then port to the Blasted Lands and Fly to
Karazhan, or just fly to Karazhan (closest fp Dreadmaul Hold).


Fiery Warhorse's Reins - Karazhan (drops from Attumen the Huntsmen)(raid)(hp-265,580)(solo-able by any 90)

Fly south to Bambala and enter ZulGurub

(Raid) Armored Razzashi Raptor - Zul'Gurub (drops from Bloodlord Mandokir)(dungeon)(heroic)(hp-4,813,652)(solo-able by tank type or classes with pets)

(Raid) Swift Zulian Panther - Zul'Gurub (drops from High Priestess Kilnara)(dungeon)(heroic)(hp-4,564,670)(solo-able by tank type or classes with pets)

Make your way back to Orgrimmar then fly south to Mudsprocket.

Reins of the Onyxian Drake - Onyxia's Lair (drops from Onyxia)(raid,25 )(heroic)(hp-22,312,000)(solo-able by 90's with pets or healing abilities like tanks, requires some kind of range dps spells)

Fly south to Uldum (Closest fp Oasis of Virsar) or port from Orgrommar

Reins of the Drake of the North Wind - The Vortex Pinnacle (drops from Altairus)(dungeon)(heroic)(hp-6,639,520)(solo-able by any 90)

(Raid) Blue, Green, Yellow and Red Qiraji Resonating Crystal - Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (drops from everything)(raid)(only ride-able in raid)(solo-able by any 90)

Back to Orgrimmar, take the portal to Deepholm

Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake - The Stonecore (drops from Slabhide)(dungeon)(heroic)(hp-4,149,700)(solo-able by any 90)

Again, back to Orgrimmar and take the portal to Mount Hyjal

Flametalon of Alysrazor - Firelands, Mount Hyjal (drops from Alysrazor)(raid 25)(heroic)(hp-197,122,144)(only certain classes can solo)


Reins of the Blue Drake - Oculus (drops from Ley-Guardian Eregos)(dungeon)(heroic)(hp-3,370,250)(solo-able by any 90)

(Raid) Reins of the Azure Drake - The Eye of Eternity (drops from Malygos)(raid 10, 25)(hp-19,523,000)(solo-able by most 90's preferably a class with a pet or some kind of heals like a tank)

(Raid) Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth - Vaults of Archavon (drops from any boss)(raid)(solo-able by most 90's with some type of healing)

(Raid) Reins of the Twilight Drake - The Obsidian Sanctum (drops from Sartharion)(raid 25)(hp-7,669,750)(solo-able by 90's with pets or healing abilities like tanks)

(Raid) Reins of the Black Drake - The Obsidian Sanctum (drops from Sartharion)(raid 10)(3 drakes up)(hp-2,510,100 )(solo-able by tank type or classes with pets)

Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake- Utgarde Pinnacle (drops from Skadi the Ruthless)(dungeon)(heroic)(hp-431,392)(solo-able by any 90)
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