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No Win Scenario
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      To share some background about me about this queue, I have the title/accolade on all my characters plus farmed at least 10,000 fleet marks within a day before they made it to have a 28 minute cooldown after you've finished it. I have completed 90-95% of the fed spire alone which means when projects were set up I would complete 90-95% of everything the project had, upgrade and regular, except the dilithium part. Short story short, I know what I'm talking about. I never use gravity in here unless I want a fast run or trying to get someone the accolade and I also do 28,500 or 28.5k dps on my character. This will be a complete description of how to complete the pve queue and how to get the title (Kirk's Protege) for No Win Scenario.

      When you are in this queue you could face one of these factions: Federation (if you're a Klingon), Dominion, Gorn, Romulans, Breen, Orion, Nausicaan, Fak'lhri, and Klingons. The hardest out of the 9 are the Fak'lhri because of their battle cloak which allows them to fire while cloak, fighters, tractor beams, scramble sensors, gravity wells, subnukes, pretty much all kinds of hell. You don't want them, Dominion, or Breen if you're trying to go for accolade.

      Once you enter the queue you will have about 30 seconds to get ready which I will explain. Everyone is a freefloater (you can go anywhere) until wave 6 because that's when your teammates should take their positions: North, South, East, West, Floater. Once you call a position/side of the transport put yourself 3-5km away from the transport. Ships will be coming from these directions at each wave:
                         (No dreads for the first 2 waves)
                         Wave 1: North
                         Wave 2: West/East
                         Wave 3: North/South/East(dread)
                         Wave 4: North/East
                         Wave 5: Everywhere but North, (Torpedo platform at north), (dreads at west and east)
                         (Ships will be coming from all sides from now on and so will the torpedo platforms)
                         Wave 6: North(Dread), East(Dread), West, South
                         Wave 7: (No Dreads)- North/East/West/South
                         Wave 8: North Dread will warp 1.5-2km away from your position which almost right on top
                         of you so put yourself 1.3km away from transport.
                         away. East(dread), West, South
                         Wave 9: No dreads, North/East/West/South (with torpedo platforms)
                         Wave 10: North(dread)/East(dread)/South/West
                          [People positioned at north, east, south and west must not leave your positions
                          unless you're an experienced player.]

      Floater: Whoever this person is for this position you need to watch all positions/sides except the ones that don't need help. In team or match chat, you the floater, should ask who needs help or not. If someone is weak right at the start which they should say in team or match chat the floater will start with that position/side first and then work on another side that looks like they need help. Maintain surveillance on ALL SIDES/POSITIONS AT ALL TIMES. When dreads are pushed away you have to go out there and destroy it not the person whose positioned at north, east, west, south. Those people are responsible for destroying torpedos that are coming at them, but you should help out with that so they don't waste their abilities. If someone dies at their position, you will take their place until they respawn. Floater must have TBR and Gravity well. If you can't do gravity well then get tbr.

      Abilites: If your new and having trouble using gravity well with TBR (tractor beam repulsors). TBR is a must have for the dreads because you need to push them away, but I'm still working on not trying to use it. Dual Beam Banks are acceptable for this, but only if you can do some good dps. I prefer dual heavy cannons with two cannon scatter volley abilities. Omega or Beta is also acceptable. Try to get all your best moves on standby for wave 10. If you have the Quantum Singularity Manipulation ability from the Romulan reputation at Tier 5 use this ability at the beginning to not get hit for 5 seconds and to increase your science abilities.

      Gear: Any space set is good. Borg set I think would be a prefer set for novice players for this queue. I recommend getting shields with antiproton resistance since the torpedos can rip the shields apart leading to your death. If everyone can down their sides quickly then I would recommend shields that have plasma resistance since most factions fire a plasma torpedo spread which is very dangerous.

Duty Officers (Novice level): You want a Tractor Beam Officer, 3 Technicians, and a Gravimetric scientist.

Good luck!!!
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Re: No Win Scenario
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