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15.4.1 Build Notes J.C. Smith 14 May 2015
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Erik Zimmerman

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 All servers will be going down at 10AM EST on Thursday, May 14th to apply the 15.4.1 patch. Let's take a few minutes to review some of the major features of 15.4.1 before heading into the build notes.

Where the previous build saw the first half of the User Interface improvements, it primarily included window and element improvements. 15.4.1 focused on the more immediately visible components such as the map, action bars, status bars, and the chat window. In addition to visual upgrades there are numerous feature upgrades to the UI including easier to access action bar settings, resizable maps, and various new icons to make it easier to identify objects on the map and minimaps. We also added various player requests such as the ability to filter inventory items, or to sort inventory or view it using alternate view styles including list views. The database was also improved to include information on abilities and recipe skill point ranges.

Work also continued on the city and housing systems. The biggest addition here is that player created cities can now place Cloning Centers which allow players to respawn in them, and Transportation Terminals which allow travel to player cities. Computer Terminals can now be placed, and numerous Carpentry crafted items are now treated as luxury items which increase a cities Happiness level. There were also a number of interface improvements including search filtering options for the structures panel, and locking options from the properties panel.

Combat received another round of tweaks. NPC health has been increased across the board, but their damage has been reduced. Numerous changes were made to the games cooldown and global cooldown systems. Attack Speed modifiers have as a result become much more useful than was previously the case. The goal of these changes is to make fights last a little longer. New abilities which slowly drain Momentum until it is consumed have been added. Weapon specific defensive bonus now give passive bonuses to your ability to avoid attacks from those weapon types, and block chances have been raised significantly. We also introduced the first of several new mission chains that are geared towards specific weapon types. Pet damage has also received a small boost, with more substantial pet and combat changes coming in the upcoming 15.5.1 build.

Non-combat types are not left out in the cold though, quite the contrary. One of the largest additions in this patch is the addition of a new Diplomacy Minigame. This minigame can be initiated by some missions, or by using a newly introduced Interact ability on any of the majority of intelligent NPCs in the game. This minigame allows you to choose different ways to interact with this NPC with the primary skills being involved being Diplomacy, Intimidation, Leadership or Entertainment. The minigames offered are selected based on the NPCs current moods, dilemmas, their profession or other elements. Players will be given multiple choice options to take, and a roll will be made against the appropriate skill. Depending on the success or failure of these choices you will be able to alter an NPCs moods or dilemmas, obtain bonus rewards, or hidden missions. You may be wondering what the significance of altering an NPCs mood is, so let's explain how the mission system works. The missions which are available in an area and to each NPC are determined by a number of personality traits on an NPC including Personality, Profession, Mood, Dilemma, and the Cause of that Dilemma. These new minigames allow you to alter those traits, among other things, which allow you to affect which missions are available from each NPC. You can use inquiries to learn clues on an NPCs current personality traits, and then try to manipulate them using your diplomatic skills. More advanced minigames allow you to obtain abilities, items, or other bonuses.

A new group and raid oriented dungeon was introduced in the Wailing Chasm. This dungeon is populated by a new Quadrutet species, along with Helltyr. A hacking minigame was introduced to allow crafters to create higher end software. This minigame forces players to figure out some simple recipe sequences, but these sequences have random elements which are seed based and change based on the player. Once you figure out a sequence it will remain the same for that character. It is now more difficult to knock players off of mounts or vehicles, and a new Passenger Protection vehicle upgrade has been added to further improve the protection of riders. There was also the usual slew of bug fixes and graphical improvements.

15.5.1 is shaping up to be another monstrous patch which includes housing storage, long range mission markers, shop searching,and a slew of pet and combat improvements. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. You can find the complete build notes for the 15.4.1 patch below.


    NPCs will now dodge, roll, and shift positions a bit less often than was previously the case.


    Scaed'ecoo animations and attack speed better synced up. Leaping attack also updated with proper animation.
    Helltyr Leap maneuver/animation was updated, they now have a leap animation when they lunge at you.
    Increased the update rate for rotation from the server to the client.
    Adjusted the drawn idles on both male/female so there is the vertical bend as it was causing them to lean oddly.
    Adjusted the Elkar's AI/Attack speed to better match the animation speeds.
    Helltyr animations and attack speed better synced up.

Auctions and Work Orders

    Added a "Display Options..." menu to Auction Search and Auction Post windows, for choosing auction list options. These are the same options as those found by right clicking on some of the auction list headers. The options are now remembered and used each time you open a new Auction window.
    Changed the Auction Search Category list from "Crafting Items, Fittings, Other Items" to "Items, Fittings, Crafting Components".
    Auction Search will now display both the unit and total bid/buyout prices. You can still choose which value to use for sorting.
    Auction Post prices and Work Order request prices are now remembered from session to session.
    Work Order durations have been increased from 48 to 96 hours (with no fee increase).


    Added environmental sounds to many of the games dungeons.
    Added new sound effects to various abilities.
    Added new sound effects which are played when you enter or exit the game.
    Echoed footstep sounds are now supported.
    Changed the tell received Audio to a different sound.

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Erik Zimmerman

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    Global Recharge now respects the speed of your equipped weapon. The recent global cooldown changes favored slower weapons but this should get things back in line.
    The Attack Speed modifier now has an affect on the global recharge time of most abilities.
    Defensive skills now give a small passive bonus vs. attacks of that type. If successful it will cause attacks which would have otherwise hit to miss completely.
    Chance to completely block damage when using a shield have been increased. We discovered a math error in the calculation code which was maxing out block chances at half of what they are set at after the change.
    Slightly increased NPC critical hit chance.
    Increased the amount of Momentum lost when you are critically hit or outside of combat.
    Made some adjustments to the global cooldown system to increase responsiveness.
    Made minor improvements to the Defense Bolstered, Ranged Bolster, and Defense Conscious combat effects that are available on some melee abilities to make them more effective.




    Modifications were made to the OWON attacks starting FX including a more recently added aircraft model.


    The Freedomtown buildings have been recreated. This includes both geometry improvements and texture upgrades.
    Added 18 new ability icons. Shockguns received the largest number of upgrades.
    Added moving clouds back to the environments. Tweaked the lighting a bit more.
    Improved occlusion in the Plymouth Control Center.
    Added new FX for boss abilities.
    Destructible barricades now have destruction FX.
    Assassin's Armor is now easier to tint.
    Adjusted vertical tracking on rifle so it is much better when aiming higher outside of action mode.
    Better centered the Beam Pistol so it looks more aligned.




    You can now add Computer Terminals to housing areas. This allows you to start the Hacking Minigame.




    Added additional detail options on NPCs to help tie inquiries and diplomacy minigames together more easily.
    Virsey Point: if asked about his mentor, Aaron Gamelin will tell you what became of Dr Virsey.

Items and Fittings

    Added five new items from the new Quadrutet species. This includes a rare item which can be processed into a resource attribute for fittings.
    Improved the harvested or looted drops from numerous bosses.
    Steampunk Pistols can now be dual wield.
    Generic camp spawned minion NPCs had their drop rates reduced somewhat. The tougher ones remain untouched.
    Added new Removable Storage Devices which can be purchased from vendors. These devices are used in the new Hacking minigame to create software libraries.
    The Crafting Component type 'Hardware Development Kit' has been renamed "Development Kit Software".
    Reduced the base skill gain percentages on skill gain stims to compensate for the grade scaling changes.
    Plate Metal has been updated to no longer include the Refined Metal component type.
    Reduced the drop rate of fittings from generic human NPCs.
    Removed Sulfur Dioxide from loot table for crafting missions as it is no longer used.
    Gypsum Cluster is no longer a Refinement Agent.
    Dichroic and Diffraction Grated Prisms now have proper branch filters.
    Petite and Standard Chair Aprons have new icons; the component type Chair Aprons also has a new icon.


    Added a new Diplomacy based minigame. This minigame is initiated by using a new Interact ability on a willing NPC. This minigame allows you with a list of multiple choices of diplomatic options to try to alter an NPCs mood, dilemma, cause, or to unlock achievements, missions, knowledge or other rewards. Changing an NPCs attitude alters the missions which can be generated for them and allows players to have a small affect on the world for themselves and other players. While these minigames are diplomacy based, not all choices use the Diplomacy skill, you can also use Intimidation, Leadership, or other skills depending on which minigame is initiated.
    Introduced a new system for the Hacking skill. This system allows you to interact with new computer terminals in town to begin a minigame. This minigame allows you to select different bits of code and attempt to compile them to create a software library. You do this by pressing one of three code buttons, and then compiling or undoing then downloading the software onto one of the new Removable Storage Devices to create software libraries for crafting. While many software types have static codes which are the same for all players, others have randomized components which are different for each player and which need to be figured out by the player. Unlike the old C0 store purchased libraries, these libraries can create higher grade results based on your Hacking skill.
    Minigames can now be used to launch other minigames in a chain.
    Added improved FX support to Minigames.
    Minigames can now be launched through the inquiry system.
    We can now filter which minigames to offer a player based on the NPCs current mood or dilemma.
    Added 13 software libraries into the Hacking Minigame.
    Added support for the Fishing Minigame to the stream in Nido Cuervo.




    Added some additional information to the GameDB for abilities such as momentum, activation type, and the weapon modifiers.
    Improved the anti bot code to make it more difficult for players to get around.
    Added new tips explaining the Hacking and Diplomacy minigames.
    Added server side bounding box info for the giant mech.
    Acrobatics now properly gives achievements at 501 and 6001 skill.




    The mission system now supports recipe mastery levels as a prerequisite for dialog branches.
    Increased the reward quality of a good number of missions.
    We began the process of adding new mission chains to various weapon types. This work will continue in 15.5.1.
    A chain of seven missions in Combat Mentoring: Blunt Weapons. Train your faction's soldiers in the fine art of bone crushing, improving their technique from Basic to Mastery. The NPC's mood may swing according to your degree of success... or failure.
    Seven new missions in the Combat Mentoring chain: Bladed Weapons. Improve your faction's soldiers skill with swords, and hone their intention to cut the enemy, whatever the means. The NPC's mood will swing according to your success (or failure...) to train them from Basic Bladed Tactics to Mastery of Blades.
    Combat Mentoring: Axes. A chain of seven new missions; share your Axe Fighting knowledge with your faction's soldiers, training them in Axe Fighting from Basic through Skilled, Talented, and all the way to Mastery. Different degrees of success or failure will also swing the soldier's mood accordingly.
    New Mission in Scars Wall: Kristy Needs Antennas. This mission is available if you make certain choices in the mission Help Patricia Landsaw which is itself obtained from Troop Assignment Negotiations
    New mission in Plymouth "Poisonous Matters", Do you know your vultures?
    New Plymouth mission; "Special Delivery" - Sometimes things go wrong with what should be a simple delivery.
    New Plymouth Mission: "Dirty Business": All kinds of people need help from couriers.
    New diplomatic mission: Scar's Wall: "Help Nurse Wendt": One way to earn FPR Defense Representative Birgit Amsell's favor is to help Nurse Wendt sort out her medical supply problems. This mission is available if you make certain choices during "Troop Assignment Negotiations"
    New diplomatic mission: Scar's Wall: Birgit Amsell's favor can be gained if you help Patricia Landsaw obtain a fractal antenna. This mission is available if you make certain choices during "Troop Assignment Negotiations"
    New Plymouth underworld mission; "Personal Request" - Not all courier missions are completely above board.
    Freedomtown mission "Blood for the Doctor" has had text banners amended to clarify how many blood samples are being handed over. Also fixed a typo.
    Updated the Mission to the Falls delivery so that it includes waypoints through each of the areas required to pick up the package and then delivery it. Also increased its rewards substantially.
    Virsey Point: If asked, Aaron Gamelin will tell you the tale of his mentor Dr Virsey.
    Added feedback to players that try to interact with doors that leads to an instance which is only accessible if you have certain quests active.

Nations and Cities

    Player cities can now place down cloning centers. This adds cloning capabilities to cities. You will have a choice of either your home city to clone into or the capital city to clone into if they have a cloning facility. Cloning centers are currently available at level 4.
    Transportation stations have been added to the travel locations in each of the major hubs and are now an option for player cities. You can travel to friendly player nations and friendly or neutral faction cities (so to Sept Falls as it is Neutral).
    Properties Tab on the Structures List window now has a search section. You can search by structure ID (the IDs are displayed in the Properties section) or you can enter a name of a structure type and it populate a dropdown list with valid structures. You choose the structure and it will list of "loaded" structures of that type in the nation. In general, the data should only be loaded for each floor, so you shouldn't see basement objects if you are up stairs. You can also right click on the search entries to quickly toggle their lock status as well.
    The structure properties panel now includes a Locked dropdown to change the lock status as well as a Delete and Pickup button. If the buttons are pressed it will prompt a notification if you really want to do that. Holding down the Ctrl+Shift+Alt (Delete) or Ctrl+Shift (Pickup) will bypass the notifications.
    Prop structures (bank, skill imprint station, crafting stations etc) now work properly outside of housing units. In short you can now place bank terminals as a normal nation structure and it will work properly not requiring the use of housing units.
    Clicking on a nation structure now displays properties field for the nation structure in the Structure List window in the Properties Tab. Structures that aren't locked from fixed movement, scaling, or rotation you can change the values manually there. It does check constraint rules like it does with fixed movement though. Like fixed movement it does not check collision though.
    Clicking on an object now brings up the Structure List window. It should bring it up to the Properties tab now as well.
    Several Carpentry items are now considered Luxury items and can increase city happiness.
    Put in some more fail safes to make sure housing/nations properly load.

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Erik Zimmerman

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    Added a new creature creature type: Quadrutet. This species has a basic attack ability, bite, leap, and a heal ability.
    Added new innate boss abilities which adjust baseline stats, allowing us to create some bosses which have heavier than usual armor, but deal less damage and for those traits to be generated randomly when they spawn.
    Slightly increased NPC base health, while slightly reducing their base melee damage.
    Some bosses are now completely immune to crowd control effects.
    We can now specify certain NPCs types to be immune to different types of manipulation in the Diplomacy Minigame. For example military commanders may not be vulnerable to Leadership or Intimidation based skills, but may be less resistant to Diplomacy or Entertainment.
    Achillea and Cacti have had their damage and ranges reduced, but their special abilities will now add a debuff which makes it impossible to gain skill for a short period of time. The reason for this and for the super long range and damage before is that without it snipers would hang at maximum range and use them to gain skill despite doing very little damage. Range was increased to combat that previously, but we feel this is a better solution.
    The Arrvor boss ability: Stinging Rampage is now a bit less deadly. Rather than completely ignoring armor it instead has a heavy armor penetration bonus.
    Reduced the effectiveness of the Malagion Smash attack used by Malagions. It no longer completley ignores armor, but still has a heavy penetration bonus.
    Vulture Strafe ability now is more of a semi circle move instead of just stepping out to the side.
    Introduced a new boss ability: Obscuring Dust. This ability can be created by a variety of species and creates a cloud of dust around the boss, which does some damage, but also significantly protects the boss against ranged attacks, both making them less accurate and reducing their range.
    Human/Humanoid NPCs now have the Improved Salvageable Fitting Modules on their corpse extraction list.
    Improved the NPC chatter system so NPCs will have a bit more variance on whether to play chatter based on their current mood or dilemma.
    Reduced the effectiveness of NPC flash bombs.
    Some NPCs are now capable of setting traps.
    Adjusted the chatter rate of NPCs so they do not spam chat too often.
    Added new NPC dilemmas which can be manipulated through the diplomacy minigame.
    Added four new NPC moods. These play a part in the new Diplomacy minigame.
    Altered the way global cooldowns work for NPCs.
    Reduced the rate at which damage is penalized if NPCs are out of energy.
    Reduced NPC shockgunner range.
    Harvesting Tools Vendor Bot, Harvesting Tools Vendor Bot and Metallurgist Supplies Vendor Bot added to Virsey Point to supply crafting and harvesting supplies.
    Added immunity timers to some military NPCs which were missing the flag.
    Sergeant Fabian Chacon; Virsey Point. This hard-working officer has risen to the challenge of operating in such a remote posting.
    Specialist Sean Mulligan; Virsey Point. A sniper specialist; he enjoys life in a frontier posting.
    Private Pierre Ontiveros; Virsey Point. There's always one guy that has connections. If you need something that can't normally be found in a remote posting like Virsey Point, try asking him.
    Takoda; Lesoo Trading Camp in Krachester. He speaks reasonable English but he still needs to learn how to tell jokes.
    Kohana; Lesoo Trading Camp in Krachester. He doesn't say much, but he's the one that does all the hunting.
    A Pierre Barbot has been added to "The EDGE" in Virsey Point to sell drinks created by hobbyist brewer William Donley.
    Private Fern Kohn; Virsey Point. Efficient, quiet. Maybe a bit too quiet.
    Specialist Judson Stuckey; Virsey Point. Respect, but never trust, the lesoo.
    Added a new generated boss ability to Vultures, Arrvor, Drakes and Jabberbulls: Toxic Pool. This ability will excrete a toxic substance on the ground which will last for 15 seconds. Players standing on the pool will suffer biochemical damage until they move away from the pool.
    Private Rebecca Arring; Virsey Point. Not happy with her current posting and pretty much everything in the camp.
    Thicket Overwatch: Sadie Jentzen no longer sells pet supplies. Kelli Frost the Vet now has a monopoly.




    Slightly increased pet damage.
    Genetically Engineered Rocharus pets should now longer have saddles.


    Tweaked the way harvesting tools bonuses work. There is a little additional randomness now. The most noticeable result is that _0 or _1 nodes will have a higher chance of receiving a bonus, with a cap on the bonus on the higher end.
    Tweaked drop weight on Niurevium and Monazite.
    The contents of Alluvium, Beryl, and Aquaios nodes were altered to improve drop rates.
    Thorium now has a moderate chance to drop the gemstone Achroite Tourmaline.
    Adjusted the Maypuri spawning area in Arboleda in an effort to prevent the trees from spawning partially buried.
    Adjusted the lumber region in Nido Cuevo to help prevent trees from spawning on the side of the mountain.


Skills and Abilities


    Added a new Protection based ability: Human Shield. This toggled ability will increase your ability to generate aggro when active. It will slowly drain your Momentum when active, however and will toggle off automatically when empty.
    Added a new Combat Knowledge ability: Damage Focused. This toggled ability is earned at grandmaster. While toggled on it will increase your Physical Penetration while draining Momentum. If you run out of Momentum it will toggle off.
    Added a new Defensive Knowledge ability: Cover Up. This toggled ability is earned at grandmaster. While toggled on it will increase your Physical Resistance while draining Momentum. If you run out of Momentum it will toggle off.
    Added a new Diplomacy based skill: Interact. This ability can be used on many NPCs to initiate diplomacy oriented minigames.
    Toggled abilities can now optionally drain momentum until it has completely expired, and then toggle off automatically.
    Placed a limit on the cooldown reduction from skills.
    The Increased Threat ability enhancement can now be used in the following abilities which were previously disallowed: Shield Bash, Bludgeon, Blind Hack, and Shield Slam.
    Added an Aggro Increasing component to Defensive Stance (Defensive Knowledge) when active.
    Sneaking Thrust (Bladed Weapons) no longer completely ignores armor, and had it's Momentum cost increased slightly.
    Sabotage Robot (Robotics) will no longer completely ignore armor, but will penetrate it. It had its base damage boosted slightly to compensate.
    Shield Shot (Shield Tactics) no longer ignores armor on the initial hit.
    The Guard ability (Protection) is now gained at 80 skill, rather than 100.
    Penetrating Shot (Handguns) now receives a bonus to penetration, rather than completely ignoring armor.
    Removed the Ignore Armor component of Got Your Back (Rifle Tactics) but, giving it a heavy penetration bonus instead.
    You no longer lose faction if you successfully steal an item. Failed theft attempts will still results in faction loss, however.
    Back Slash (Bladed Weapons) had its damage increased slightly to compensate for it's penetration bonus now being a bonus rather than completely ignoring armor.
    Decreased the tick duration of Incendiary Grenade (Thrown Weapon) slightly so the damage appears more quickly.
    Reduced the duration of Calm (Diplomacy) from 20 to 15 seconds. Calm in Repop is similar to mesmerizing an opponent, except they will not be immobile during it. They will be unable to attack until it expires. Taking damage will remove the calming effect though.
    Reckless Swing (Blunt Weapons) now has a much smaller chance of leaving you Off Balance after using it. It no longer ignores armor, but it does have a bonus to its penetration values. Its base damage was also boosted slightly.
    Killer Instinct (Blunt Weapons) had its damage increased slightly, but it's armor penetration bonus reduced.
    Smash Generator (Blunt Weapons) no longer ignores armor, but does have a good penetration bonus against it. Its damage was also boosted slightly to compensate.


Trade Skills


    The Auto button will no longer equip items which are the proper component type but an unsupported branch.
    Added "Fittings" and "Blueprints" tabs to the Game Database window. Clicking on recipe results for fittings and blueprints should now work correctly.
    Carpentry received a major skill point and product grade requirement overhaul. Most Carpentry recipes were affected in some way by these changes.
    Introduced a new Vehicle Engineering recipe: Passenger Protection. This allows you to build vehicle upgrades to aid in preventing you from being knocked out of your vehicle. It is contained in the Advanced Vehicle Engineering manual.
    There is now a Tier 2 Salvageable Module and a tier 2 for the recipe to create Tier 2 Fittings. The recipes require the new module otherwise it will create Broken Fittings.
    A number of the recipes in Installations have been grouped together as well as new ones being added. Some recipes have been altered to use Plate Metal. Recipes have received a balancing pass for skill spread.
    Hardwood Furniture Part Production now has 3 tiers of difficulty; Spindle and Rail Construction and Wooden Chair Frame Construction have 2 tiers of difficulty. It is also now requires much more skill to use the Curule Base recipe.
    Installations> Many more recipes use plate metal. Filters now apply more consistently. The amount of total recipes has been reduced by combining many single recipes and component/blueprint recipes.
    The following carpentry recipes now require Wood Glue instead of Bonding Agents: Spindle and Rails Construction, Chair Backing Production, Seat Panel Production, Curule Base, Pouffle Frame Production, Wood Chair Frame Construction, Pouffle Creation, Hassock Construction, Curule Seat Creation and several others.
    The Metalworking recipe Casted Grenade Components now requires Plate Metal instead of Refined Metal as it's component type. It also now requires 3 Plate Metal and has a 2-3 times higher product yield than before.
    A new Carpentry recipe book, Metal Furniture Pieces - A Carpentry Primer, was introduced. This book contains the Metal-Polymer Chair Production and Solid Base Metal Chair Creation recipes. This recipe book is something Carpenters like to keep hidden; you may need to search their pockets to obtain it.
    Artillery's Fuse Engineering now requires 6 Piston pins, 6 Pistons, and 6 Anvils (up from 1 each), but also now produces 10 Impact Fuses (also up from 1).
    Decorative and Standard Supports are now properly identified as the item type 'Support'.
    Many products in Carpentry recipes now have minimum grade requirements. All recipes that now have minimum grade requirements will produce 'Pile of Wooden Chunks' when the grade requirement is not met.
    Quadrutet Tentacles are now accepted by the Organic Breakdown recipe (Survival).
    Removed Piston Pin Casting Mold, Piston Casting Mold, and Anvil Casting Mold from the Metalworking recipe Metal Casing Molds as these molds are not used in any crafting recipes.
    Carpentry recipes, including Chaise Lounge Seat Production and Wooden Tabletop Assembly among others, that previously required the component type 'Softwood Furniture Part' now correctly require 'Support' instead.
    Chair creation recipes like High Backed Chair Production and Hassock Creation have had their skill point spread altered. It is more difficult to create certain chair styles, such as the Victorian and Louis XV styles, than before.
    Carpentry now begins to produce sofas and sofa components at 750 skill. Sofa recipes vary in skill requirements, beginning at 750 and going to 4000 minimum skill, and stretch through grand master.
    The hacking recipe, Control Chip, has been renamed Control Chip Programming and it's description has been rewritten.
    The recipe Grenade Engineering has been changed. It now requires 5 Grenade Casings, 5 Fuse Mechanisms, 1 Damage Matrix, and 1 Primer Powder as ingredients and Filling Plug and Sealing Agent as agents. This recipe now produces 5 grenades per craft.
    Curule Seats are now somewhat easier to create.
    Carpentry recipes were moved between Carpentry 101, Advanced Carpentry, and a new recipe book, Metal Furniture Pieces - A Carpentry Primer. Most importantly, Carpentry 101 now contains the High Backed Chair Production recipe and Advanced Carpentry contains all sofa production recipes.
    The Artillery recipe Physical Damage Matrix has been updated to require Plate Metal instead of Refined Metal.
    Round Stone Tabletop is now significantly more difficult to produce.
    You can now create Turret Frames at 1000 skill.
    Slightly reduced recipe mastery progression rate.
    Dual-Tone Purple and Pink Dye can now be crafted for Helmet, Boots, and Gloves.
    The Metallugist vendors now carry the Small Metal Chair Frame Pattern.
    Carpentry now begins to produce tables and table parts at 200-250 skill. The main table recipe, Wooden Table Production, now has 3 tiers of difficulty and begins at 250 points.
    Renamed Recipe: Stationary Turret Frame to Turret Frame Construction (They will not all be stationary).
    A new Dual-Tone dye has been introduced: Dark Goldenrod and Indigo. This dye is highly difficult to create and available for all armor pieces.
    Adjusted the Flashbang Matrix recipe so that it now requires Sodium Perborate, White Phosphorus and Thorium Nitrate. It now produces two results instead of one.
    The Firearms Crafting recipe Beam Weapon Barrel Assembly no longer requires an Electrolaser to produce. It now requires a Refractive Casing instead.
    Added the Double Barrel Assembly recipe to Advanced Metalworking.
    Grenade recipes received a skill spread balancing pass.
    Flashbang Grenades can now be produced through the Grenade Engineering recipe (Artillery).
    Pharmaceutical - Enriched Stimulant Synthesis. Existing stims now fully scale by grade and complexity. Added a number of new stims to Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. Added player made learning stims. Added stims to boost health, endurance and momentum
    The Ceramic Powder Production recipe is now found in the Mining: Tricks of the Trade book instead of the Basic Metalworking recipe book.
    Increased the bonus received when using Thermal Glands in the Heat Needed crafting event.
    Acid Splash and Freezing Grenades are now craftable. Acid Splash Grenades damage enemies and decrease biochemical resistance while Freezing Grenades slow and damage opponents.
    T'Seef DNA is now considered both a secondary and tertiary DNA type.
    The Artillery recipe Flashbang Matrix has been renamed Biochemical Matrix Production and now produces Flashbang, Acid, and Freezing damage materials.
    Renamed Filter 'Red' to 'Firebrick Red' to avoid confusion.
    Reactionary Stim Production: Fixed incorrect Stim Chemical Filters.
    The Installations recipe Rope Light Production now correctly produces both a Rope Light item and Rope Light blueprint. You must craft a B grade to achieve the blueprint version.
    Leatherworking in Tailoring can now use any Tannin. This recipe will now accept Silica or Calcium Sulfate as the Desiccant.
    Basic Stimulant Production: Fixed incorrect branch for Melanko on Resitiance Stims.
    Secondary Dye Tinting is now found in the Modern Style recipe book.
    The Cosmetic Styling recipe Dye Tinting has been split into 2 recipes: Primary Dye Tinting and Secondary Dye Tinting.
    Mounting Bolts now stack at 999
    Medical Charged Fitting Production: Fixed incorrect Stim Chemical Filters.
    The crafting component type Upholstering now has the proper icon.
    Hitting C+ grade in Arduous for an Electrical Module will result in a second Electrical Module.
    The Placebo plant pod is now has the correct component type of Placebo Pod.

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  User Interface


    Where the last patch worked on many window and visual improvements to the user interface, this build improves many of the top level elements. There is still a little bit of work remaining for 15.5.1 but the bulk of changes are now in.
    Added in new map, status bar, and chat UI elements.
    Game database now has an Abilities Tab. You can see a list of abilities from the Skills window for that skill or a list of all abilities in the Abilities Window.
    The GameDB now includes the skill range data for recipes. It will display the point ranges in the skill list (with all the recipes) and will display the point range per difficulty if viewing the recipe.
    Adjusted how the chat fade out system works. For those who prefer a full fadeout or a background box only you can use very low fade out values, anything under 50% will have the same functionality as before. For those who prefer to fade out the chat box but to keep the borders and tabs as they look when highlighted, you can use a higher value and it will fade them according to your fade out setting, rather than completely.
    Added a new option to the inventory window, "List View", which will open a separate window, displaying the inventory items in a sortable list. The list includes a column for the item type, and another for a crafting item's component type. If the item has multiple types, then they will be listed in a drop down box, where you can choose which one to use for sorting on that column. (Also included in the list are columns for the item name, quantity, grade, and vendor value.)
    The World map now has a zoom threshold where it switches to using the minimap from the zone. This allows you to zoom it in much further. Due to the result of this functionality the window has been capped to a little over 900x900 pixels so the minimap functionality can be used without issue. You can double click to reset the map (like before) and it will now take the map out of the zoomed in phase to the region map. You also cannot move the map around like you can with the region map when zoomed in (the map is to limited in scope to allow this).
    If an inventory or bank sort window is already open, selecting the "List View" option from the parent window will cause the sort window to pop to the front.
    Added option to Inventory Sort, to display the item names using either their default name (e.g. "Contaminated Water", "Distilled Water") or a more sort friendly name (e.g. "Water, Contaminated", "Water, Distilled") The option is available thru both the "Actions..." drop down menu, and via a right click popup menu over the "Item Name" column. The chosen option will be remembered from session to session.
    Added ability to do quick multi-check of items in Inventory Sort window. You can click the very top check box to check/uncheck all, or use Shift+Click to check/uncheck a range of items.
    Added a new option to the inventory window, "Large Icon View". This view will display the items using large icons similar to those used by the NPC and player shops.
    Added support for dev placed bank terminals, imprint stations, and crafting stations to be displayed on the minimap.
    Updated the Ability Bars. There is also now a config button to make it a bit more clear on how that works as the right click option could of been easily missed.
    Replaced Inventory "Compress" push button with a drop down list, containing a list of optional actions to be performed on the window (including "Compress").
    In the "Inventory Sort" window, if you change the default value of a Type or Component entry for an item, that value will be saved and reused whenever the window is opened, or new items are added. This should reduce how often you need to change these drop down values when sorting your inventory (e.g. Can set "Hudson Wood" to always be treated as a "Wood Log" instead of a "Heat Source" if desired.)
    Dragging a stacked item within your inventory or bank, while holding down Ctrl + Shift, will now split the stack by a full grade. (e.g. you can drag off all the A's, or B's, etc. in one step)
    Added 2 Housing hints that are just in the Game Database section. It explains housing and how it works. The management entry has the commands available.
    Replaced the game window icons in the lower right hand corner.
    Added options to "Inventory Sort", to move the sorted items to the top, or the bottom of the inventory.
    Selecting an item listed in the "Inventory Sort" window, will highlight the same item in the matching "Inventory" window.
    The tooltip and info card for an ability now use the same data.
    When closing the inventory window, the container windows will now remain open.
    When an Inventory window is filtered (via name filter, or filter buttons), the same filter will be applied to the associated Inventory Sort window, if open.
    Shift + Right click on the larger item icons used by shops, will now open the game database to that item. (Matches behavior for item icons in inventory.)
    Adjusted audio options window to make use of the extra width.
    World/Regional map is now mapped to the m key. The old world map has been removed as the world map now supports switching to the minimap mode when zoomed in further.
    X (delete) button on structures now uses the shift+ctrl+alt for delete and shift+ctrl for pickup rules that clicking on the object itself does, this also should serve to prevent accidental deletions.
    Adjusted the key binding options window fixing some spacing issues.
    Added "List View" option to bank, that will open a Bank Sort window to display all bank items in a sortable list.
    Recipes in the Recipe window are now listed alphabetically.
    Added "Compress" option to Inventory Containers.
    Added "Large Icon" option to Inventory container windows.
    Updated Character Selection interface with new graphics.
    Added "Compress" option to the Bank Window.
    Added "List View" option to Inventory Container windows.
    Unset hotkeys for ability bars will now display as an empty string, before they would display as the identifier for "empty".
    Updated the ability bars with the new elements.
    Add the option to display bank items using large or small icons.
    Improved performance of inventory "Compress" option.
    Updated NPC statusbar. It is similar to player status bars, but a bit more compact.
    Minimap settings are now saved so they will work after a UI flush or client restart. There is now a restore default option as well.
    Harvesting tools which feature a quality bonus will now display the bonus amount in tooltips and in information windows.
    Added an improved Inventory icon to the menu bar.
    Map scaling option saves the current scaling option. You can shift click on it to reset it to defaults.
    The inventory and bank window option, for icon display size, is remembered from session to session.
    World Map and Minimap now share the settings (hide NPCs, show Housing, etc) and will update each other if changed on one or the other. The popup menu is now there on the World Map as well.
    Abilities which require a certain skill to use will now display that skill at the top of info cards or tooltips.
    Added a Hint when you first place down a city housing unit explaining in short how they work.
    Damage Flashes are now a darker red, to make them easier to see when enabled.
    Implemented a system which allows NPCs who have a dialog who use the mission system to display a dialog but are not actually offering a mission from displaying mission arrows.
    When a deed is given to a city plot it will now turn around and ask you to use it right after it is given as it seemed to be confusing to a few people on what they should do next.
    Added check boxes to each row in the "Inventory Sort" window. Inventory sorting will be applied only to the items that are checked.
    Changed several crafting and harvesting pop up alerts to less intrusive text banners.
    Changed ability to delete an item from inventory from Shift+Ctrl Click to Shift + Ctrl + Alt Click. This was done to prevent a conflict with a new ability to drag a full grade off of a stack, using Shift + Ctrl drag.


Vehicles and Mounts


    Vehicles now have a Passenger Protection value which affects how often players will be thrown out of a vehicle when events such as knockbacks or knockdowns are applied on a mounted character.
    It is now more difficult to knock players off of vehicles and mounts. Cycles and Racers have a higher chance of being dismounted than Mechs, Cruisers or Mounts.
    Added a new Passenger Protection vehicle upgrade. These upgrades reduce the chance of players being knocked out of their vehicles when taking damage.
    Vehicle development kits are now call 'Development Kit Software'.


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    Added a new higher end group dungeon to the Wailing Chasm region. Feldroon is popualted by Helltyr and Quadrutets and consists of group and raid content.
    Freedomtown has received a major graphical overhaul to its buildings, similar to the one that Plymouth City received recently.
    In addition to receiving an all-new buildings, the city of Freedomtown has also seen some prop work.
    Added a Transportation Terminal, and shuttles to Freedomtown and Sept Falls to Thicket Overwatch.
    Quite a bit of work has been done to improve the roads in the Freedomtown region.
    Added Computer Terminals to many of the hubs in the game. These are used to initiate the hacking minigame.
    Scanned through the Plymouth Region and connected broken roads, cleared grass on roads/rocky terrain, and miscellaneous texture fixes, seams, flying props, etc.
    Added a Bank Terminal near the crafting stations in Camp Taak.
    Adjusted pathing and spawn positions in Pontoc.
    Added Rogue Arrival Waypoint to Ingall's Pass.
    Went through the rest of North and West Plymouth to fix roadways, grass on roads/mountains, tree/rock placement, seams, and other miscellaneous terrain problems.
    Updated Plymouth Region map to include recent lighting changes and the five new housing areas.
    Added a few props for a small POI in Nettle Patch.
    Added a Skill Imprinting Station to the medical area of Thicket Overwatch.
    Reduced the vulture and setlang populations, and made the roads a little safer Outside Freedomtown.
    Virsey Point has been given a prop upgrade to match the lore for the area.
    Adjusted some settings and rooming for lights in Freedomtown to increase performance.
    Props and lights added to Baldy Station in Bald Forest.
    Tweaked numerous NPC spawn positions in the Plymouth Control Center.
    The silos in Pontoc have been replaced with new models.
    Updated Freedomtown Region map to include recent lighting changes and the five new housing areas.
    Reworked the Exploration Point and Achievement for Virsey Point in Krachester so that it is for "Virsey Point" and not "Camp Krachester".
    Two Resting Places created in Virsey Point at "The Edge" bar and social club and in the "Quarters" portacabin.
    Updated numerous medical facilities with new props.
    Smoothed out some slopes and did some touch up work in the caves underneath Timbertol.
    Points of Interest: Added POIs for Virsey Point: Cloning Lab, Drake Pen, Cold Lab Storage, Biology Lab, The EDGE, Hudson's Raiders, Quarters.
    Softened some sharp terrain to allow players to get out of a big hole between mountains at Kitsun Pass.


Bug Fixes


    Minigames now support all six buttons, previously a bug allowed only five to be used unless you used the Exit Minigame ability.
    Selecting shop items to buy and selecting your items to sell, once again displays the icons as selected.
    Fixed an issue where Auction Search results did not sort correctly by Total Bid or Buyout prices.
    Corrected Coordinate system for Valston Area in Doma Highlands.
    Fixed an issue which was causing quest giver dots to become giant yellow blobs on your map over time.
    Fixed an issue which was spawning harvestable trees underneath terrain in some circumstances.
    Fixed an issue with posting blueprint items to the auction house, that caused the resulting listing from showing the correct stack quantity of the blueprint.
    Corrected some pathing issues in the Bombs in the City engagement. This was causing some of the special forces to run back and forth rather than stopping to take cover.
    Fixed an issue where the server was applying cooldowns based on the recharge and the client was applying it based on the weapon speed. This was most likely very wide spread as the method to use weapon data but ignore speed is used on a lot of different abilities.
    Fixed an issue with effects causing the dreaded "Failure" message during combat.
    Fixed some furniture which was stacked up in Freedomtown which could cause minor performance loss.
    Fixed a grammatical issue with the FPR NPC Knowledge about "Why are we at war?".
    Corrected an issue in the description of Multi-hued Yanos.
    Fixed some signs which weren't quite attached to buildings in Freedomtown.
    Corrected an issue which was preventing Steampunk pistols from being dual wield.
    Fixed some spawn points in Calprates Canyon.
    Fixed some grammatical issues which in mood or dilemma based NPC chatter if no Cause was specified.
    Fixed an area seam the was shared between about 6 areas near Timbertol.
    Fixed an ability related bug that caused ability checks to not go through fully when attacking inanimate objects with certain abilities.
    Unburied Arrival waypoint at Fool's Sanctuary.
    Reshaped harvestable regions that were semi-buried in Calprates Canyon.
    Corrected an issue with shuttles to Kaavo which was sometimes causing landing issues.
    Fixed several floating objects and terrain texture issues near Timbertol.
    Repaired an issue which was causing NPC mood, personality, or dilemma changes to not always save properly for mission generation.
    Fixed some floating crates inside of Red Hot Supplies.
    Corrected the display description of the Poor Quality Stealth Stim.
    Corrected Coordinate system for Navi Plains Area in Doma Highlands.
    Fixed a bug which was playing the wrong movement animations if you stealthed while already crawling or crouching.
    Corrected a grammatical issue with the Report to Daren Shin mission.
    Repaired a problem which was preventing the Cause to be spoken in some babbles when one was available.
    Fixed bad paths in the Judair Gulch.
    Filled a hole in Fort Hudson which allowed players to get stuck behind a rock.
    Softened some terrain up on a mountain to prevent players from getting stuck in a hole inside of the Northern Range.
    Reshaped a harvestable region at Rumsey Hollow to avoid resources spawn on an unreachable mountain slope.
    Fixed an issue with props not working properly in nation cities after a restart.
    Fixed an issue that was doing Jutz Klanger sit while walking.
    Fixed an issue where interrupt FX was not being played to players giving them a hint that an ability is about to fire off that can be interrupted.
    Filled a hole which made it difficult to walk paste near the shuttle in Thicket Overwatch.
    Corrected a bug which was causing some personality based filters to fail.
    Reshaped a harvestable region in Eastwood to avoid floating trees.
    Abilities which consume Momentum will no longer consume it if the ability failed to validate.
    Relocated a Peacekeeper Commander spawn point to avoid him to spawn within a wall at Plymouth Control Center.
    Fixed an issue with the spawn timer of NPCs at Scorched Gorge Outpost.
    Corrected Coordinate system for Ghetti Gorge Area in Timbertol. Also corrected display name at SHIFT+M map.
    Fixed an issue with the dropdown element where a pixel of the pulldown menu would show in some cases on the dropdown's border.
    Reshaped a harvestable region in War Wagon Valley to avoid floating trees.
    Fixed an issue that could cause a losing bidder of an auction to not receive their bid back.
    Fixed a bug with immobilizing effects which could cause NPCs to get in a stuck AI state where they were doing nothing.
    Repaired an problem which was causing vehicles to play a crashing sound when you first mounted them.
    Fixed an error which could occur if a minigame closed while you were processing a minigame ability, causing the normal ability clean up code to fail.
    Fixed a rock and tree formation which was floating slightly in the Motionless Steppes.
    Reshaped a harvestable region at Outside Freedomtown to avoid resource to spawn within a rock.
    Fixed Military path at Scar's Wall to avoid NPCs spawn within walls.
    Corrected a bug which was allowing dazed targets to attack players.
    Removed some hokfigs and other mobs spawn points near Mitch Pinkerton path cause they were aggroing him out into the water and eventually killing him.
    Fixed a bug related to Rogue protected territory and rogue characters not always receiving the protection if the area was also flagged as contested.
    Even when both your inventory and bank are open, Shift+double click and Alt+double click will modify the current grade value of a stack instead of transferring the item to the bank or inventory. Normal double click will continue to transfer the item as before.
    Fixed an issue which was causing a blood spill after some vehicles were destroyed, rather than an oil spill.
    Fixed a bug which could display the internal name of an ability in tooltips rather than its proper name. This printed odd names in some cases.
    Fixed an issue with gearswap command which occured when you tried to swap one handed weapons while the offhand slot was empty.
    Fixed an issue where the Posting Fee for an auction was displayed incorrectly as 1 credit, for non stackable items.
    Fixed a building which was slightly above ground in Banshee's Hollow.
    Fixed an issue in the Overpowering Attack debuff which was actually improving a mobs damage resistance rather than debuffing it.
    Oasis Approach: Adjusted Pyrohemalite region to avoid large trees that ore sometimes spawns inside.
    Fixed Chat position based on scaling and history. It should properly freeze the scrolling in the proper place if you are at or past history.
    Corrected an issue in the chat text of the Lunging Thrust ability.
    Fixed some spawnpoints Outside Freedomtown.
    Fixed a rooming issue near The Shady Lady that would cause all shadylady props to go invisible when you have the camera positioned a certain way. But it still happens if you have the camera zoomed far out near walls.
    Corrected a bug where buffs were not applying Attack Speed correctly, only fittings were.
    Fixed the tinting of the Vanguard Armor set.
    Fixed some Z-Fighting issues in Kaavo Hold.
    Fixed a bug which was causing the Knockback ability to have a 0% chance to Knock your opponent backwards.
    Corrected an issue which was causing traps, camps, and other stationary trigger abilities to not work in some cases.
    Fixed a Sarnium and Niurivium Harvestable Region at Eastfal.
    The second word in Sodium Perborate's component type is now capitalized properly and the icon has been updated.
    Fixed some spawnpoints in the Slaughter Slopes.
    Fixed an issue with the world map not working initially.
    Reduced the damage bonus from skill when using Crippling Shot to bring it in line with other abilities.
    Fixed a location where players could get stuck in Parst Pass.
    Fixed the tinting settings for Vendetta Armor.
    Corrected a typo in the Phosphori Resistance NPC ability.
    Resolved an issue with Sniper Rifles not properly pulling up the stored information in action mode. This was specific to sniper variations.
    Yeoman Watson and the Peacekeeper Commander have stopped hiding in walls in the Plymouth Control Center.
    Grounded and rotated 2 big rocks at Plymouth Pond.
    The Flashbang Matrix recipe is now properly named.
    Corrected an issue which was causing NPC armor values to not apply properly in some cases.
    Fixed some collisions issues with hidden engagement ships.
    Fixed a terrain texture bug in Parst Pass.
    Hopefully fixed an issue where the character portrait was snapping in an odd position.
    Corrected an issue which was causing Hudson Trees to have no results on extraction in some cases.
    Fixed a Bank Terminal at Sept Falls that can not be accessed.
    Fixed a few locations in Fool's Sanctuary where players could get stuck entering water.
    Fixed the Plymouth Region map, the map should be a lot more accurate now placement wise.
    Fixed the jet exhaust effect underneath some of the shuttles as it was off.
    Fixed NPC spawning issues at Fort Hudson.
    Fixed an issue with recipe result links in the game database, so that all work correctly, even when some of the results are items and some are blueprints or fittings.
    Fixed an issue with the server properly updating its simulated position when chasing causing npcs to fall behind when a lot of them were chasing at once.
    Fixed a Dwarf Achillea buried spawn point at Plymouth Pond.
    Fixed some rocks at Lukluha that were bad positioned and rotated.
    Fixed a bug which was causing the Default button when using a Rifle in the action mode editor to stick a Pets: Attack call at the top of your stack erroneously.
    Fixed typos in the Malagion Smash and Malagion Defense NPC abilities.
    Fixed a bug that was preventing Recipe Prerequisite checks when you haven't learned the recipe.
    Adjusted a fish region in Lower Daxton to avoid fish spawning inside of an underwater hill.
    The /gearswap command is now working as intended.
    Fixed an issue that was allowing players kill Guards that spawn when being caught stealing without them fighting back.
    Fixed an issue where the server was not sending the proper cooldown times to the client.
    Grounded a rock that was a few meters over the ground allowing a see through from under it.
    Fixed Corporal Christopherson, Shawn Fetters, Iona Amato and Reba Gables spawn locations.
    Added some validation and feedback for players when a mission response action try to grant an ability card when inventory is full.
    Fixed an issue with some fitting attributes not applying in some cases of a null initiate.
    Fixed an issue related to housing archives.
    Grounded some plants in Lonesome Canyon.
    Fixed an issue with the preliminary cooldown timer that was used to prevent stacked activations not being in proper sync with the post activation timer causing the ability to for it to screw up the cooldown timer allowing rapid input of abilities.
    Corrected an issue with waypoints and instanced areas on the world map.
    Tranen See: Adjusted resource spawn regions. should all spawn properly now.
    Fixed the targeting on Incendiary Grenade (and most likely other fixed circle abilities) that was causing them to fail out by not retargeting properly. This was also causing AI pauses as it would fail out in an odd manner.
    Nation Tag will now display correctly after using the /shownation command.
    Fixed the Harvester Node GUI as it wasn't setup properly for the new changes.
    Fixed and issue that was preventing Fish harvestable region be listed when scaning an area.
    Corrected a bug which allowed players to get "First Quest" which was an internal test mission.
    Fixed a Pyrohemalite harvestable region at Tuolumne Grove.
    Corrected an issue which was causing the City Level or Happiness to not display on some structures if the structure had both.
    Fixed an issue with autosize code of alerts, it was cutting off the bottom of the window.
    Fixed Raith McTavert spawn location so he spawn sitted on a chair instead sitted in the air.
    Corrected a bug which could occur if a fitting had an invalid spec for some reason but somehow managed to sneak onto an item.
    Fixed numerous pathing issues in the Kalazar Mountains, which happened when the area was shifted and was causing camps or NPCs to spawn underground.
    Fixed several paths and arrival point in Purplefield.
    NPC Incendiary Grenade FX now properly plays in the location instead of chasing the target.
    Nurse Lindau is no longer typing in thin air.
    Fixed a bug which was causing NPC moods or dilemnas to not be set properly under certain conditions.
    Fixed an issue with merging stacks together, when the combined stack exceeded the max stack size.
    Adjusted NPC scalehealth modifier.
    Reshaped Lilac harvestable region in Purplefield to avoid resource spawn on a side of a mountain.
    Fixed several references which were referring to shockguns as shotguns in older fittings.
    Fixed an issue where arrows were staying on the map when they should not have been.
    Corrected a problem which caused ability timers to go into turbo mode.